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Charcuterie made simple.

Gourmet Ghost Charcuterie Est. 2019

We're here to lift your spirits.

Our charcuterie boards are perfect for every occasion and take the planning, time, and preparation out of hosting. Whether you're at home, a park, or planning an event we have a delicious option for you and yours. When it is your next time to host, be sure to call the Gourmet Ghost.     

"We have used Gourmet Ghost Charcuterie countless times (personal and for corporate events) and they have always gone above and beyond for every single order. Customer service has always been amazing."

- Missy Mossoni - 

Navy Charcuterie Board
Gourmet Ghost Brand Guide.png

"One of my dear friends brought three Gourmet Ghost Charcuterie platters to my Bridal Shower. Not only were they beautifully crafted, but they also tasted fantastic and brought added pizazz to my special occasion. I couldn't have been more impressed. I look forward to the next event I can bring these to."

- Sarah Rose - 

Browse our menu, but beware, all boards are unique and will not look just like these photos; although one thing is guaranteed, they will taste incredible every time.

Wooden Board

Ask us about your next event.
The delivery is on us.

Now Delivering to the Denver Area
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