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Frequently Asked Questions

General ––

  • How far does the Gourmet Ghost deliver? –– The Gourmet Ghost is working overtime to bring you and your friend's charcuterie serving the Denver metro area, Broomfield, Louisville, Superior, & Boulder. While placing your order, input your address to see if we serve your area. Thanks for your patience as we expand our service radius. 

  • How much time in advance do we need to place a large order? –– For large orders, we request a minimum of 48 hours to ensure we can provide you with the best charcuterie experience.  

  • Can we place orders over the phone? –– Absolutely, orders over the phone are always welcome.

Charcuterie ––

  • Are Gluten Free options available? What about Vegetarian? –– We do offer the flexibility to purchase Gluten-Free charcuterie boards and vegetarian boards, as well. However, the Vegetarian boards will incur an extra cost of $5. 

  • Are we able to make special requests? –– We welcome the opportunity for special requests; while placing an online order, leave a message in the special requests box, and we will see what we can do! 

  • How are Gourmet Ghost Charcuterie boards best saved? –– We recommend saving your boards by wrapping them with plastic wrap and storing them in the refrigerator to enjoy them at a later time. 

Events ––

  • I love Gourmet Ghost! Can you cater charcuterie at my wedding? –– This ghost likes to boogie, we love weddings and want to add the perfect charcuterie flair to your special day! For event-specific orders, please call 720-584-2161 or send a message via our contact page.

  • Corporate Events? Birthday Parties? Bridal Showers? –– Charcuterie is the perfect addition to any event; you name it, we're there! Give us a call or send us a message and let's figure out what charcuterie extravaganza best fits your event's needs!

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