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Our Story

Gourmet Ghost Charcuterie was born from the desire to provide artisanally crafted platters of meat, cheeses, and spreads with the intent to elevate any gathering at an affordable cost. Traditionally charcuterie has been a delicacy reserved for those capable of paying a premium; at Gourmet Ghost, we have found ways to supply and deliver these platters for a great value. 


The name Gourmet Ghost is drawn from the concept that our charcuterie and other delicious items are delivered seamlessly and without a trace; some say they simply 'appear.' The word ghost encompasses the word 'host,' which we help you do. Hosting gatherings can take physical and mental energy, but the effort has been alleviated by our efficient online ordering and delivery services.

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Note the Gourmet Ghost is a friendly table cloth ghost, ready to please & at your service.

About the Founder: Adam Tuttle

Gourmet Ghost charcuterie was established in 2019 by Founder Adam in Broomfield, Colorado. With significant experience in restaurant management, with brands like Tokyo Joes and Panera Bread, Tuttle took his ambitions to the next level. Combining his passion for excellence and food experience, he made his dreams a reality and began his new journey as the 'Ghost with the Most.' 

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