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Understand What We Have To Offer

One of Gourmet Ghost mission statements is to inspire "WOW" and connect people with high quality as well as large quantity for a fair price. A board itself can be a work of art - made of crystal, marble, wood, or stone - but it's what's on top of the board that's the real star of the show.

Types of meat from salami to prosciutto to summer sausage.

Types of cheese from provolone to cheddar to aged gouda.

Types of extras from fruit to nuts to jams and jellies.

Charcuterie boards are expensive due to the boards and all these exampled ingredients that passenger the board. Prosciutto for instance can cost up to $36 per pound; cured meat like salami, pancetta or lar'pepperoni take a long time to cure and smoke. Not only that, but the higher the quality of meat and the better that animal welfare, the more pricey the charcuterie ends up being.

"There are various factors one has to keep in mind to produce high-quality meat, such as pH acid level monitoring, drying environment, growth of good mold, etc."

- Home Kitchen Talk

What Gourmet Ghost has done is created partnerships with Colorado meat and dairy supply farmers to get the best quality at the best price; bringing the cost for the customer down.

Gourmet Ghost then prepares platters in to-go recyclable boxes instead of boards; bringing the cost down for customers even more.

Cost of platter ingredients as well as the boards are what increase costs for customers. Charcuterie then appear to be a luxurious item for only those with extra cash.


Gourmet Ghost realizes that even though the ingredients and boards are expensive, that's not the REAL PROBLEM. The market has created an exorbitant price point around Charcuterie that is unnecessarily higher than it needs to be. Gourmet Ghost believes that Charcuterie shouldn't just be viewed as a luxury item and everyone should be able to enjoy, even daily if they want, at an affordable price.

Gourmet Ghost prepares platters daily with a wait time of no longer than 20 minutes. The price of Gourmet Ghost platters are 30-60% less than competitors depending on size and custom requests. Gourmet Ghost offers you a real stacked platter better than anyone else, with more variety, high quality and loaded quantity; creating the 'WOW' factor every time you open one up. 'WOW' I should have paid a lot more for this! 'WOW' how do they have such amazing prices? 'WOW' I can get one whenever I want! 'WOW' Gourmet Ghost is my go-to for Charcuterie from now on.


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